Pacific E-bike has been serving the community for 10 years now. We are the ones that started this E-bike craze. We are also the only shop that will work on any E-bike. Other places will do minor repair on the bikes they sale. We operate on a very understandable motto. “We will do our best to be the best at delivering alternative energy, ecofriendly transportation to our customers in the most cost effective manner possible. We are the source for Electric Bikes in California. At Pacific E-Bikes our bikes look great, perform great, and will deliver years of pleasure. With prices that prove to you our commitment to supply the best value.

We are not here to make a fast buck. We sale our bikes at a very good price that is way below our competitors’ prices. In this industry you get what you pay for. Do not buy a cheap bike just because its less than our bikes trust me saving a couple hundred dollars will coast you lots over the life of your bike. Also do no, I repeat do not, over pay for your bike. Not sure what a good bike at a good price is? Just take a look at our bikes. Don’t believe what you see? We challenge you to come test ride our bikes, and see for yourself.

We are a locally owned small business based out of Berkeley, CA.  We assemble all our bikes in house, and also build custom conversions to suite a customer’s unique needs.  We are not a large corporation, and we do our best to treat all customers equally, and fair.  Any and all repairs are done in our shop.

Warranty: E-bikes and/or bikes purchased from Pacific E-Bike are covered by a 90 day warranty after purchase. If your E-bike or bike faults in any way that is not user caused, Pacific E-Bike will repair the bike. Batteries for E-bikes are covered by a 6 month warranty. If your battery faults in any way that is not user caused within a 6 month period after purchase, Pacific E-Bike will repair or replace the battery if repair is not possible

All electric bikes qualify for 2 free tune-up after the break in period.  We will perform this services for free after 3 months of normal use.  Call ahead to schedule an appointment.

Need your brakes adjusted?  Stop by and we would be happy to make any adjustments you may need on any of our electric bikes.  If it is a simple tightening of the brakes we can usually do this for free and quickly.

Refund, Returns Policies: Pacific E-Bike does not provide for a "cooling-off" or other cancellation period for E-bikes or bikes sold. Therefore, you cannot later return such purchase simply because you change your mind, decide the E-bike or bike costs too much, or wish you had acquired a different E-bike or bike. After you have purchased an E-bike or bike, you may only return said bike with the agreement of the owner of Pacific E-bike for legal cause, such as fraud.